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Default Sample Fantasy Wandering Monster Tables

Back in the day when I used to play D&D I had extensive wandering monster tables for various types of terrain. That way, if the players ignored the adventure and wandered off, adventure could still find them.

I've made the same for GURPS Fantasy and Dungeon Fantasy, using as many of the published monsters as I could find in the publications I own. I skipped aliens and robots for the most part.

These tables make the GURPS cardinal sin of using D10s. It was just easier to compile things that way, and will make it easier to expand the list later.

This is fast and loose. Maybe you feel x shouldn't appear at the same rate as y. Maybe you feel x shouldn't appear in terrain y. That's fine. Change it! Feel free to change whatever you like. I'm just putting these out here in case someone finds them useful.

In my game non-human player races are rare, as you will see here. I doubled up on races and monsters that appear in different sources. I think it's kind of neat. There are three or four kinds of trolls and a couple of different sorts of gnomes ... each can be a slightly different species. It will keep the players on their toes.

You can encounter 'adventurers' and at the end is a table for adventurer races and professions. I didn't use the profession templates in Fantasy because some were redundant and it's all stuff you can hand-wave anyway. I thought including the Dungeon Fantasy professions was more important.

If a table entry says 'Extra Dimensional Beast', that means roll on the 'Extra Dimensional' table. If it says 'Entry to Caverns', roll on the caverns table, and so on. If it says 'tasty fish' that means the players found a tasty fish (the table would be too heavy on dragons and the like otherwise).

I don't imagine that when a peasant walks down a country road and has an encounter he meets half these beasts, but adventurers are a special breed and adventure tends to find them. Some monsters are creations, such as undead or golems. The idea is someone created them. Use it to start a mini-adventure.

I imagine that rolling a six or under on a day's stroll might lead to an encounter from these tables.

Alternatively you could just use these for ideas when you want to populate your pre-planned adventures.

And without further ado ...

LOOT: Lands out of Time
Pyr: Pyramid Magazine
DF: Dungeon Fantasy
DF Mon: Dungeon Fantasy Monsters
MonHun: Monster Hunters
CotN: Creatures of the Night 


01-05 Centaur (Banestorm 188)
06-11 Goblin (Banestorm 192)
12-16 Hobgoblin (Banestorm 193)
17-21 Kobold (Banestorm 193)
22-27 Great Eagle (Banestorm 194)
28-32 Noble Horse (Banestorm 194)
33-34 Medusa (Banestorm 194)
35-39 Ogre (Banestorm 196)
40-45 Orc (Banestorm 196)
46-50 Half Orc (Banestorm 196)
51-56 Reptile Man (Banestorm 196)
57-58 Sphinx (Banestorm 198)
59-60 Were Snake (Banestorm 201)
61-62 Were Tiger (Banestorm 201)
63-64 Werewolf (Banestorm 201)
65-74 Adventurer
75-84 Bushwolf (Banestorm 219)
85-94 Paladin (Banestorm 223)
95-96 Strider (Banestorm 225)
87-101 Lion (Basic 456)
102-111 Deer (Basic 457)
112-121 Dog (Basic 457)
122-131 Snake (Basic 458)
132-136 Cavalry Horse (Basic 459)
137-146 Donkey (Basic 459)
147-156 Draft Horse (Basic 459)
157-161 Heavy Warhorse (Basic 460)
162-171 Large Mule (Basic 460)
172-181 Pony (Basic 460)
182-186 Race horse (Basic 460)
187-196 Saddle horse (Basic 460)
197-206 Small mule (Basic 460)
207-216 Steer (Basic 460)
217-218 Slake Hound (CotN1 19)
219-220 Undead … (Roll again)
221-222 Cat Folk (DF3 5)
223-227 Cheetah (DF5 8)
228-232 Lion (DF5 8)
233-237 Tiger (DF5 8)
238-247 Hound (DF5 8)
248-257 Insect Swarm (DF5 9)
258-267 Kangaroo (DF5 9)
267-272 Stallion (DF5 11)
273-282 Cat (DF5 22)
283-292 Dog (DF5 22)
293-302 Hawk (DF5 23)
303-312 Rabbit (DF5 24)
313-322 Viper (DF5 25)
323-324 Spirit of Place (DF9 24)
325-326 Electric Jelly (DF Monsters 13)
327-328 Karkadann (DF Monsters 20)
329-333 Centaur (Fantasy 105)
334-338 Superior Horse (Fantasy 106)
339-340 Manticore (Fantasy 48)
341-342 Unicorn (Fantasy 49)
343-344 Man-Eating Lion (Horror 63)
345 Extra Dimensional Beast
346-347 Opening to Caverns
348-349 Mindhound (DF Mon2 28)
350 Tomb Bug (DF Mon2 48)
351 T Bug Hatchling (DF Mon2 48)
352 T Bug Juvenile (DF Mon2 48)
353 T B Young Adult (DF Mon2 48)
354-355 Chupacabra (MonHun3 24)
356-357 Land Shark (as tiger shark) (Basic 457)

I have a role-playing (loosely) themed radio show 'The Role-Playing Hour'. Tune in online and listen! Audio clips (some are a little blue, I warn) here and episodes here!

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