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Steve Plambeck
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Default Re: Pure speculation

Originally Posted by JimmyPlenty View Post
I should point out that I do not want TFT to be replaced, just think another version, world setting or whatever is an interesting idea.
Official worlds other then Cidri is a yummy idea and would make a neat book. Each World would get its own chapter (just 3 or 4 pages of text) outlining the theme, a tiny bit of its mythology, and some technical parameters (gunpowder or no gunpowder? guilds or no guilds? flat or round or something else? magic or no magic? species unique to each along with stats?). And one or two hex maps for each World, in some cases maybe an entire world map and in others perhaps just one or two continents with the rest left up to the GM.

Cidri would of course have to have it's own chapter, with perhaps just a hint more about the M'norens, but not too much. Cidri would remain the more generalized world it already is, encompassing anything.

But no new rules or rule changes whatsoever. Just background history, cultural settings, and maps. Of course an ambitious GM might want to run different campaigns at the same time in different worlds.

And of course beautiful illustrations would be mandatory :)
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