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Default Re: Weapons, Strength, and Damage

Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
TFT is extremely sensitive to damage modifiers and stacking dice so I wouldn't recommend this approach unless your goal is to make combat even more deadly than it already is.
Yea my way adds about 1.5~4.5 points of dmg on average. But I also have homebrew that makes armor a little more forgiving the the wearer, and am working on add some version of defense to make it so high level people aren't always hitting each other.
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David Bofinger
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Default Re: Weapons, Strength, and Damage

Originally Posted by Kieddicus View Post
when you hit with a melee attack you deal your HTH dmg plus your weapon dmg.
I presume by HTH damage you mean unarmed damage.

The problem with this is that unarmed damage goes up quite slowly - only one point every two ST, then slower. Whereas damage from a weapon in RAW TFT increases at around twice this rate. So your rule makes ST less important, more of a dump attribute.

This is why I prefer the idea of multiplying the ST by something.
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