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Default Contact-Range Explosions

After watching a recent episode of My Hero Academia and seeing one of the characters in a fight scene, I was wondering how to stat this up (call it a thought exercise). (pic for the uninitiated In short, his sweat is a nitroglycerin-like substance (but it only explodes when he wants it to). This means its a short-range ability (although he has special gauntlets that can launch the sweat at people), and it has some interesting quirks: It doesn't hurt him, as its directed out of his palms, and the sweatier he gets (in combat, running, etc.), the more powerful the blasts. He also uses it to propel himself and add force to his unarmed attacks.

Anyway, I wanted to ask the forum's advice on how to stat this up. I'm thinking of starting with the "TK Burst" Ability in the Pyramid #3/29: Psionics chapter "Expanded Psychokinesis":

TK Burst: Crushing Attack 1 point (Based on HT, +20%; Based on IQ, Own Roll, +20%; Double Knockback +20%; Explosion 1, +50%; Fragmentation 1, +15%; Malediction 2, +150%; No Signature, +20%; Psychokinesis, -10%; Variable, +5%) [5/level]

and then add or remove Modifiers as appropriate (in this case remove Based on HT, Based on IQ, Fragmentation, No Signature, Psychokinesis, and maybe Malediction). That leaves a couple of questions: Are you hurt by your own attack, if it's close enough for the explosion to damage you (e.g. touch-range)? Can you apply Explosion to a Cone attack, and would that enable you not to take damage? Or would it make more sense to apply the Explosion Enhancement to unarmed damage? Is that even RAW? On a broader scale, can you be hurt by your own Innate Attacks?
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