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Default Re: Ready a Weapon

Yes, readying a weapon is always an action unless you have a talent (Thrown Weapons or Quick-Draw (weapon type)) which specifically gives your figure the ability to ready a weapon and attack with it on the same turn.

The new edition uses the wording "when its turn comes to move" here in the engaged options header, where it clearly means when their turn comes to "act" - to take the action part of your option. i.e. when a figure acts during the Action phase in sequence of its adjusted DX.

Note that this choice of the word "move" rather than "act" on the previous page, has also let many people to (incorrectly, I think) read that conditions when a figure moves (not when they act) determines what the figure can do during the action phase. I think that there too, the intent must be NOT a major change to how TFT works in the new edition, but that Combat Options are determined by a figure's situation at the time they ACT (not "move").
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