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Default Re: Z tactics against Military

Kinda sounds resident evil-ish...
And a heck of an idea.
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Default Re: Z tactics against Military

Originally Posted by starslayer View Post
I think I just thought up a good scenario that would allow for a 'the zombies do rule'.

Infected oil....
Islander made me start thinking about food supply, so, along the lines of infection vectors: Corn.

About 98% of processed foods in the USA contain corn or corn syrup, and nearly all of that corn has been genetically engineered by humans, with surprisingly little testing or oversight. Pretty much the entire military eats it every day, and only health nuts and people with corn allergies would be safe. Tainted American corn supplies and bam, instant famine.

Oh, and corn cross-pollinates over as much as a 100 mile radius, so, everybody in the midwest is breathing the pollen all the time, and all the corn in the country could potentially be contaminated very quickly, within a season or two, depending on where the initial bad crop was planted.

So, fictionalizing: the big unknown with genetically modified foods is how the bacteria that live in your guts will react with them. Those bacteria can evolve very quickly, so propose there's something in a particular new corn seed crop that causes gut bacteria to mutate, in a small percentage of consumers, into something akin to the rabies virus, or the toxoplasma gondii parasite. With enough concurrent mutations, only the most virulent would survive, but there would be variations.

Outbreaks would be more intense in the Midwest, but would happen everywhere the corn seed was consumed (everywhere). It might not be obvious what the source was right away, so the crop wouldn't be pulled from the shelves. Though consumer pressure would force the big ag companies to sell the seed overseas. Africa and India, without robust medical systems, would be hit pretty bad. A worst case scenario would probably be Europe VS Zombie World, since the EU still refuses to permit import of American made genetically modified organisms.

In real life, the same company genetically engineering nearly all the corn (and rice) is also responsible for the majority of American bio-weapons R&D. That part's not even fiction.

Zombies everywhere + Famine + reason to suspect all processed foods = army has problems? Amiright?
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