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Default Re: Berserkers, posture changes, ranged attacks, and close combat

Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
The question isn't whether he can fire while prone - that's obviously a legitimate action - but whether he can fire at all, even with a ready pistol in hand, at foes within 20 yards.
Ahem, to quote myself: "Berserk as written is terrible and I tend to ignore [the terrible parts]."
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Default Re: Berserkers, posture changes, ranged attacks, and close combat

Mad Dog Advance. 1 point
Prerequisites: Berserk. any ranged weapon or innate attack skill -12+
If armed with a ranged weapon (or innate attack) you may make ranged attacks at foes closer than 20 yards. You must All-Out Attack or Move and Attack, and your movement must bring you closer to your foes. If your weapon is bulk -3 or less you will attempt to use it in Close Combat (unless you use Fast-Draw to draw a different weapon, or have a bayonet etc.), otherwise you will stop your advance at range 1, and continue to fire.
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berserk, tactics

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