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Default Re: Campaigns built around Protecting an NPC?

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
I didn't see that one, actually.
The premise is that Britt Reid inherits his Dad's newspaper publishing company after a life of uselessness and debauchery, fires his Dad's staff in a fit of moronic annoyance. Regrets it when he can't do anything without them (like even make coffee), rehires the staff.

Kato turns out to be a supergenius martial artist... and together they solve his the elder Reid's murder and go on to fight crime together as The Green Hornet and Kato (much like the old shows, but with Britt being humorously incompetent and carried by Kato).

You could carry this premise forward by having the young NPC taking over after his parent (the original Super Person) dies and they being unsuper/unbatmany needs to rely on their Parent's old team, to solve the mystery of their Parent's death and right the injustices therein.

This was also literally the premise of an old GURPS High School* Supers game I played in back in the 90's. My Character was the rich heiress batman-expy and her friends were all the kids who just happened to have various super powers.

* As it turned out, despite making Characters separately, we all made foreign exchange students... so we were all in the same "Foreign Exchange Club" at school, and thus we all ended up very easily teamed up.
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jason taylor
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Default Re: Campaigns built around Protecting an NPC?

Here's one you might try. The VIP is courting a commoner. The commoner has has not lived his/her whole life with ABSOLUTELY NO privacy. Which what to the VIP is a normal annoyance is exceedingly intrusive to their main squeeze. And of course they are definitely going to blame the bodyguard.

Double if they don't know who the VIP is and think the bodyguard is a mere stalker.
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