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Default Re: Dodging Bullets, Evasive Movement, and a Proposed "Cosmic, No dodge w/o evasive m

Originally Posted by Raekai View Post
Now, I want to make an Innate Attack that represents a gunójust a regular gun, no mind bullets or anything. However, Innate Attacks can be dodged normally. Well, if it's to simulate this new optional rule, it needs to be modified to show that it can't be dodged unless a fighter takes "evasive movement" against the shooter.

"Cosmic, No active defense allowed, +300%" to "Cosmic, No dodge allowed, +150%" to "Cosmic, No dodge allowed without evasive movement, +X%". What should the cost of that enhancement be?

That's all I'm trying to figure out.
I think you are over baking it. Why can't that rule apply for any ranged attack?

There's one thing strolling into or running at a shooter. Evasive movement is merely zig zagging, slowing down, speeding up and anything to make your movement unpredictable.

Just make the power and apply the above rule. I don't see why you should have to pay for the bonus that is already a rule for mooks with guns.

Of course the rof and number bullets vs contest of dodge. Also critical hits have no defence against. Any skill modified to a 16+ to hit requires a 6 or less to become a crit hit (even 15 becomes a 5 for a crit )

For a power to do this, an innate attack could enimate from any part of the body. IIRC the power is not specific. However, if it is obvious (gesticulation) or a guy just points a finger at you (and you do not know if that is the guy with the shooty finger). Shooting lasers from eyes (a second of blindness or no active defence?)
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Default Re: Dodging Bullets, Evasive Movement, and a Proposed "Cosmic, No dodge w/o evasive m

If I recall correctly, the rule that's being cited doesn't apply to such things as bows and arrows or throwing knives.
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cosmic, dodge, evasive movement, firearms, powers

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