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The Colonel
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Default Re: Survivable Musket

Originally Posted by CarrionPeacock View Post
I'm suggesting a possible extension of the rules, I never played in a table that used muskets and to be honest have no plans to.
Okay I was wondering why you wanted muskets to be survivable. There are a variety of reasons for trying to make firearms less lethal in a rule set - some of them to do with matching various genre styles and some with more gamist motives and GURPS has, in a variety of places, tools to suit some of them.
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Default Re: Survivable Musket

Why are you asking if this would be realistic? :P Survivable Guns rules are not supposed to be realistic - it's for more cinematic gameplay ;)
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Default Re: Survivable Musket

Originally Posted by CarrionPeacock View Post
Maybe, I don't understand how GURPS calculates its damage (penetration on homongenous [sic] steel of xmm thick? wtf?) but 9d damage on unarmored individual is going to deal 60+ injury, instant-kill on average. I know muskets are dangerous, but that seems beyond what's reasonable.
Well, if you want realism then you have to use the rules for blow-though damage cap and bleeding, really.

And if you want survivable guns another way to do it is to use the blow-though damage cap rules without the bleeding rules.
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firearms, low-tech, survivable guns

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