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Default Things to do in Heaven when you're dead

I've been musing on a hypothetical In Nomine Anime game I'd run if I had, like, actual players. I got to wondering what do the saved souls (and angels) do all day in Lower Heaven?

I assume the harps on clouds and sitting at the foot of the throne singing praises stuff is all in the Upper Heavens.

Thought 1: Clubs and Support Groups
Since IN Canon says that pretty much anyone who achieves their Destiny goes to Heaven, there are going to be a lot of people there who didn't expect to be. They need help to adjust.

The Virtuous Pagans Bewilderment Support Group (VPBSG) helps those members of various non-monotheistic religions who find themselves in Heaven.

Adventure Seed: Some of the VP decide that there has been a mistake, and are determined to get to the afterlife they expected. In principle this is simple, just go to Blandine's tower, take the stairs down to the Ethereal Plane, and then hike out into the Far Marches. In practice, there will be difficulties.

The Former Atheists Reassessment Society (FARS) (whose membership secretary asks me to remind everybody that a deathbed conversion precludes membership). Members are frequently found poking around in odd corners of Lower Heaven "looking for the matte lines".

Thought 2: Running the divine bureaucracy.

Technically, God doesn't see the fall of every sparrow, that has been delegated to the Sparrow Division of the Passerine Mortality Department.

Thought 3: Celestial Grunts

The Celestials that IN usually deals with are like spys, diplomats, and special operations forces. Are there ordinary troops, i.e. the angelic or demonic equivalent of an infantry rifleman? Presumably they spend most of their time training for Armageddon.
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