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Old 02-29-2024, 10:22 AM   #1
GURPS Line Editor
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Default GURPS News updated

I just published the GURPS News update for February 2024. Don't forget to subscribe if you want to be reminded about these items.
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Default Re: GURPS News updated

Originally Posted by Kromm
Another Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game adventure, written by your faithful servant, remains in production as a drop-in item.
What is a "drop-in item"? I can't recall having seen the term before, and a Google search doesn't come up with anything that makes sense in this context.
I predicted GURPS:Dungeon Fantasy several hours before it came out and all I got was this lousy sig.
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Default Re: GURPS News updated

Oh, that How to be a GRUPS GM you hinted at is by you!
Looking forward to it.
And yay for GURPS Template Toolkit 4: Spirits being released.
I and at least one other contributor already got our comp copies so I look forward to the announcement and comments.
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Default Re: GURPS News updated

Originally Posted by ravenfish View Post
What is a "drop-in item"?
In context, I suspect it's an item to be held in reserve in case the GURPS pipeline stalls. That would allow the monthly release schedule to be maintained when the planned item wasn't ready for release.

Having that be written by a staff member, rather than a freelancer, would be sensible: a freelancer would not be happy about an unpredictable delay before their work was published.
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