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Default Re: Staff DWA

I can't recall where I saw this, whether in one of the rule books or on a forum comment by one of the authors, but yes, you can make a DWA with both ends of a two-handed weapon. The specific example given was a staff. (And it wasn't the Qian kun ri yue dao either, though there's another example right there. It doesn't follow the rules I remember, though, so it could be that I'm wrong.)

It has to be two different targets with, IIRC, Reach -1 yards between them (so a staff requires two targets with 1 yard between them). Remember a DWA is two simultaneous attacks; Rapid Strike by definition isn't. Anyway, you hit two people with both ends of your staff for thrusting damage, and they defend without the -1 for a single person defending both attacks from a DWA.

I did find this from Kromm where he lays it out differently than I recall. I'd go with this if I couldn't find the rule/ruling I'm talking about. Basically the foes have to be adjacent, at Reach 1, and you take a -2 to damage.

If someone finds the book or post reference, please let me know. I don't like posting rules without references, but I know I saw it somewhere.
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dual-weapon attack, staff

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