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View Poll Results: Preferred strategy for Ogre Missiles:
Use right away 6 35.29%
Save for CP/HWTZR/Other important targets 7 41.18%
Other, explained below 4 23.53%
Voters: 17. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Ogre Missile Strategy

My priority targets for missiles tends to be:
1) GEVs
2) SHVYs (if they are the D5 variety)
4) HVYs
5) CPs

So whether I use the missiles right away or save them depends a lot upon my opponents opening attack queue. If they come at me with a mix of INF/MSLs/HVYs, I will probably hold off with half or more of my missiles since I should be able to get into gun range of the tanks and infantry before they can fire. (Except maybe for MSLs.) If it's GEVs with or without SHVYs, I will use every missile if need be. Those GEVs will come back to haunt you in the late game if you don't nuke 'em early.
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John H.
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