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Old 07-31-2023, 10:52 AM   #221
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Default Re: #Dungeon23 Megadungeon Challenge

July 31 etr

Description: A 6 yard by 4 yard room with a massive stone bowl 2 yards across.

Entrance: A stone archway leading to Jul 26. Evil runes do 3d6 toxic damage to living creatures (not elder things) that pass under it. They can be spotted with Per-based Thaumatology-4.

Secret Door: A Per-6, Search-2, or Architechture-2 check will reveal the stone bowl can be moved aside to reveal a short drop with a built-in stone ladder. The stone bowl and be replaced from inside. The lower chamber is 3 yards by 3 yards, and contains a cabinet containing ten Polriket's Hand creatures in individual suspended animation.

Stone Bowl: This stone bowl never does anything except serve as a secret door.

Lighting: -10 (no light)
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Old 08-08-2023, 04:00 PM   #222
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Default Re: #Dungeon23 Megadungeon Challenge

Ok, I lasted only one month on this challenge, but I'll toss in a mini-encounter that I ran this weekend:

Room 8/8 — Entry Tunnel

Description: A low passage, about two-yards wide, heads into a hillside. It is roughly hewn from the soil, shored up with occasional beams. The ceiling stands is just under 6 feet high; the packed-earth floor is strewn with muddy straw and rushes.

Vision: rapidly dwindles to total darkness, but see below

Pit Trap: About 30 yards into the hill, there is a concealed pit, 2 yards wide and 10 yards deep.
Detect: Per-based Traps at -3 (plus vision penalties).
Disarm: No.
Avoid: DX or Jumping, or hug the left wall where there is a narrow lip.
Save: Dodge, at -2 without Danger Sense.
Effects: 3d crushing.
Shots: Constant.
Rearm, Steal: No.

Ambush: Ten gangaešla (Noršlondr Óvinabókin, p. 87) are waiting to ambush uninvited guests. They carry bunches of dimly glowing fungus that reduces vision penalties to -6 (offset by their Night Vision 6).
  • Six are at the bottom of the pit, ready to leap out of side passages, attacking with hatchets.
  • Four are on the far side of the pit, hidden behind secret doors on either side. They are armed with crossbows (skill: 14, ST 15, 1d+5 impaling) which they will fire at PCs across the pit or at the bottom (+2 to hit targets below). They take 18 turns to reload, so they will drop them after firing once and draw their hatchets.
  • The lower passages connect to the upper secret doors, though they require crawling to traverse.
Treasure: Between the lot of them, the gangaešla have the following gear:
  • 12 hatchets
  • 10 bunches of glow-fungus (reduced total darkness to vision -6, lasts for two days)
  • 4 crossbows (ST 15) with a dozen bolts.
  • 17 mangy belts and straps
  • 5 smelly pouches
  • bits of disgusting food (unsafe for most delvers)
  • surprisingly high quality canteen half-full of water
  • $19 in copper coins (distributed among the pouches and straps)
  • a worn whetstone
  • polished large tooth (dinosaur?) on a leather cord
Expansion: Ten gangaešla? Where are the rest? This could be just the beginning of a larger warren. Perhaps one of them sets off the alarm, with more arriving in 2d turns. Or, if the battle goes badly for them, one flees down the passage to warn the rest. Either way, this trap/ambush is indicative of how they have constructed their lair.
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Old 12-18-2023, 01:54 AM   #223
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Default Re: #Dungeon23 Megadungeon Challenge

Finished the whole darn thing early.

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Old 12-19-2023, 09:42 AM   #224
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Default Re: #Dungeon23 Megadungeon Challenge

Originally Posted by ajardoor View Post
Finished the whole darn thing early.

I am entirely impressed with your dedication and stamina! It's an epic accomplishment. I look forward to reading through all of it. I will most certainly use some of your ideas in future adventures for my groups.
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#dungeon23, challenge, megadungeon

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