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Default Re: #Dungeon23 Megadungeon Challenge

May 8

a 10 yard by 15 yard natural cave in a general oval shape. five beds of coals 2 yard by 3 yards are strewn about its sides, flames creeping up from them. The air smells of smoke, which lightly impedes vision, though the flames give a little light. The heat is strong. Naturalist, Expert (Natural Philosophy), Thaumatology, or Hidden Lore (Elementals) will identify the beds as being outlouts for the wildly strong magic here. A light stream of water falls from the ceiling to a hole in the floor at one end of the cave.

Vision: -7 (coal beds), -1 per 2 yards due to the smoke.
Mana: Very High (Only for Fire)

Heat: This room is hot. like 100 F. DF (basic set p434) and DFRPG (exploits p70) have slightly different rules here, but characters might be down some FP.

Treasure: 4 burning stones ($250, 1lb each), identifiable by merchant, prospecting, Hidden Lore (Natural History), Hidden Lore (magic items), alchemy, or hazardous Materials (Magical).

Exits: The sinkhole 2 yards wide from Mar 17 ends here, and immediately under it, another 20 yard deep 2 yard wide sinkhole starts. climbing either is at no penalty: abundant but wet handholds. Two natural tunnels split off of the other end of the room, each with similar vision, heat, and mana to this room.
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