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Default Combat flowchart/quick reference

Ok I recently started looking at gurps 4ed and understand,at last at a basic level, character creation. I get some of the other stuff to but cannot figure out combat. I see there are different things one can do on their turn. But how do you actually do the attacks? What do you roll and compare the roll against? I only have access to the first book right now and sure theres more about it in there but cannot get it right now. I appologise if this is posted somewhere obvious. I a making a quick post at work hoping for assistance. If I cannot get a reply I will do some searching when I get home. Want to try gurps but need to understand combat better as friends like it and my reading of the basic combat stuff in the book was either misunderstood from lack of sleep or notg very clear to me. Thanks.
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Default Re: Combat flowchart/quick reference

Well, there are a number of combat flowcharts floating around, but they all seem to incorporate the entire system, and so might be a bit overwhelming.

Combat: Roll against the relevant weapon skill, depending on what weapon you're using. Broadsword to swing a sword, Pistol or Rifle to shoot someone, Brawling to punch them. If you succeed, your target has to roll a defense.

Defending: To defend against a successful attack, make a defense roll: Parry to parry with a weapon, Block to block with a shield, Dodge to get out of the way. Your Parry score is (Weapon skill)/2 +3, rounded down, your Block is (Shield skill)/2 +3, rounded down, and your Dodge is Basic Speed +3, rounded down.

If you hit and your target fails to defend, roll damage.

This website provides a more detailed look, with several examples.
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Default Re: Combat flowchart/quick reference

Also do not hesitate to download GURPS Lite.

It is totally free and it is a very good introduction to GURPS: all the fundamental rules, without the options and embellishments. It will surely help you to understand combats better.
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Default Re: Combat flowchart/quick reference

GURPS is so much real life it is shocking.

Basically, there are three die rolls. (One more than most combat systems. The first time read the game, I thought, "Oh, this system is way too complicated for me.")

1. You roll against your weapon Skill to try to do me harm.
2. I roll against my active Defense to make you miss Me.
3. If I fail, you roll to damge me.

It really is that simple. Everything else is chrome. The reason you are confused is that the basics of the combat system is in Book 2 Campaigns of the Basic set but do as the others suggested. Download Gurps Lite, the best 32-page supplement you can get for your money. (Which is free, by the way, did we mention that?) I have my players download the Lite version and play with that for the Combat rules. They really don't need anything else. Of course, they get bit by the little GURPS bug and end up buying the Basic Set (which will happen to you, too. But don't say we didn't warn you!) Then they become regular e23 customers and soon they want more and more. The rest is history.

Good luck.

A GURPS Fan since Melee and The Fantasy Trip
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