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Old 06-19-2022, 05:46 PM   #21
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Default Re: Can't hurt self

Being unable to hurt yourself might be a bad thing if you need to stitch up a wound, dig out a bullet, pull out a parasite, cut off a binger a zombie just bit, etc.

I'd definitely want something like that to be switchable.
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Default Re: Can't hurt self

Originally Posted by kirbwarrior View Post
Yes, which is crazy.
I don't know the system at all, but can't you work something out with imbuements?
If I'm nit mistaken that's all about enhancing any attack you make, but I don't have the book, and only know what I've read on the forums
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Default Re: Can't hurt self

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
Pretty sure that falls way outside of how No Nuisance Rolls is meant to work.
Granted, it's a stretch. I was trying to keep the proposed Perks within existing RAW.

I also agree that my proposed Perks are effectively very limited versions of Luck.

Their virtue is that they're Perks and are just plausible enough that they might be appropriate for a realistic campaign or realistic martial arts style.

You will also notice that all three perks work out to 1/5 the cost of Luck, the same as Luck with a -80% limitation.

The benefit that you can theoretically use your perk more than once per hour of play balances against the fact that you're not immune to all Critical Misses, just the few that result in damage to yourself. Given that that only protects you against about 12-13% of all potential Critical Misses, Luck (Aspected: Combat Only) is the better deal if you can afford the points.
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fragmentation, powers

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