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Default Just a question

So I started playing munchkin this weekend at a friendīs home, and I loved it... so I want to but some of them.. I ordered munchkin deluxe, munchkin 2 unnatural axe, and munchkin 3 clerical errors... As I read on other places, I understood that munchkin zombies is a little different so itīs not an expansion to the ones Iīm already buying, am I right? or is it also an expansion, also I have the same question for munchkin apocalypse, for this one I understood that it do is an expansion... but Iīm not sure... also if anyone want to tell me what expansions are good (I would like all of them but itīs kind of out of limits lol).
Thank you all
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Mister Ed
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Default Re: Just a question

There are several different "Core Sets" of Munchkin that can be played on their own. Zombies and Apocalypse are two of them.

Expansions exist for most of the Core Sets, they have a number as part of their title, have less cards, and cannot be played by themselves.

(There are also several 15-card boosters. Those are also, obviously, not playable by themselves. Mostly they have the same card backs as the original version of Munchkin, but there are a few exceptions.)

You can, however, mix together different Core Sets if you wish. They are compatible for the most part, aside from having different art on the backs of the cards. There will be some weird interactions, most likely, but that's part of the attraction for some people.

As for what Core Sets are good, well, I think they are all good, but how much you enjoy them might depend on how interested you are in the subject matter. I do particularly like Apocalypse, though, since it has an additional deck of "Seals" that get opened and closed throughout the game for various effects, and an alternate win condition in the event the "Seventh Seal" is opened.
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Just a question

There are two ways to expand your Munchkin collection: call them "vertical" and "horizontal."

Vertical expansion is what you've already done: start with a basic game and then add the numbered expansions that go with it. Most of the time, you don't have to pick them up in order, but a lot of people find that to be easiest. As Mister Ed said, there are also quite a few small foil-wrapped booster packs (that are NOT collectible! they are all identical!) that also mostly qualify as vertical expansion.

Horizontal expansion is branching out into new basic games, such as Munchkin Zombies, Star Munchkin, or Munchkin Apocalypse, most of which have their own vertical expansion possibilities.

(There is a third dimension, that of getting into the various add-on products such as Kill-O-Meters and storage boxes, that we needn't concern ourselves with at this time; it suffices to say that I wouldn't throw them at new players.)

Neither vertical nor horizontal expansion is inherently better; it's just whether you want to build on the game you have or try new variants. I hope this is helpful!
Andrew Hackard, Munchkin Line Editor
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