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Default Re: Member House Rules

We play with the Listen at the Door variants. Because we get so many cards throughout the game, we usually end up as powerful characters at Level 9. We also play fairly friendly, so we save up cards until Level 9, and stay at 9 a while.

Because this ends up with full hands (as in the hand of 5 cards) and we hate to do Charity, we invented a rule that you can trade 2 Curses, 2 GUALs, or 1 each for 1 card from either deck. This gets rid of useless cards for us, as we don't usually Curse at the beginning or usually GUAL at the end, as well as give us more variety of cards, usually treasures.

We also play the rule where you can use the Loaded Die as a Reloaded Die and vice versa.

And, we play where we can trade any type of card, including Door cards in the hand. "Yeah, I'll trade my Gnome for your Dwarf, but you'll have to throw in the Gnomex suit. Sure, I'll add a Sneaky Bastard Sword too."

On the topic of massive decks, we prefer to work on decks that work well together and have similar types of cards.

One deck is Pathfinder and Original (Or Legends). This deck has a lot of Classes, as most decks will, and some Races or Factions. We tend to like three of these types of cards. Plus, they have a lot of Undead and we will be adding the Undead and Dragons boosters to the mix for lots of Undead, Goblins, and Dragons.

Another deck will by Booty and Star. I haven't played much of Star yet, but I understand that it has Classes and Races. So, the same system with lots of Classes, and some Races and Accents. These also have a system with many Ships as I have copies of Fish and Ships and Space Ships.

I'm also considering Apocalypse and Cthulhu for the end of world theme as well as the multiple ways to end the game.

So this isn't necessarily a separate house rule, but we have the rule that we don't mix many sets because we like the balance we have.
Munchkin Sets:
FD, Mnomicon, M6, TT, EE, Holiday
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