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Default SID's Star Wars Campaign (IC)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

You are established in sector 70599, one of the most vibrant and modern districts of Nar Shaddaa, the busiest hotspot of the ecumene in regard of art, commerce and entertainment. The flashing and flickering neon lights illuminating its urban space have earned 70599 a visual identity and a name: "Ankwas shapa-keesay" or “Ankwas” for short (figuratively translated as “dancing blue”). Weather is overcast and stormy, of subpolar variety; sunlight is scarce, only 2 hours of sunlight a day (in average).

Ankwas extends about 64.94 sq. mi., its status as the house of THE COUNCIL gives it important advantages, particularly in terms of access to investment and resources, as well as power structures that matter in galactic-scale decision-making (or so the rumors say).

Ankwas is overseen by the elusive crime-lord Slavanepo-Goda “the Hutt”, leader of “Chowbasa” ("the Welcome", in english). Word is you can join Chowbasa anytime, for one reason or another, you are bound to do so.

This is where your story begins...

Please roll 1d6 everybody.

1-2: Dance club
2-4: Hotel
5-6: The streets
STAR WARS powered by GURPS, is now recruiting.
Join the game today in the Play by Post section of the forum.
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advantage of the week, cyberpunk, magic, martial arts, pbp, powers, sci fi, spaceships, star wars

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