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Default Lost in Dreams II (OCC)

Lost in Dreams (II)

You don't know why it happens. But eventually, it always does, and you end up naked, lost, and amid the craziest situations. You must use your wits to make do where ever you may end up, lost across the worlds.

This is a series of one character campaigns, focusing on world jumpers who cannot control their ability. The jumper travels in their sleep, initially doesn't control their travel, and arrives naked.

We are always recruiting.

The game emphasis will be on roleplaying and exploration, as the dreamer is carried by the whims of fate across various worlds. As a general rule the world won't switch until the current situation is over. The character will be from our world (or a close parallel), at TL 8.

A certain willingness to engage with the world presented is required. A decent part of gameplay is finding a place where you fit in the world presented. For example, how does a computer programmer find work when he's thrust among a bunch of dwarves. Mere survival is not the goal, but gaining a satisfied place in the world. Philisophical reconcilliations also have a place. There will also be a number of chances for the character to have a bigger effect on the world around them. But most of the time for that to happen, the character will have to engage and be proactive. Another focus of the game is skill and power aquisition. Time can be spent learning new skills and traits. Be aware many abilities will not work on many worlds.

If you want the PC to see a lot of something, please let me know explicitly. This is particuarly true of combat -- by default I play this game with lots of situations where the PC is outgunned and violence is a good way to get killed. Other requests could be for lots of mysteries to solve (I'm totally fine with sticking a modern detective in ancient rome and presenting them with a murder), lots of starfish aliens, horror scenarios, or stories around a certain continueing plotline.

build the character on 100 points. The disad limit is "make them fun". Emphasis should be placed on well rounded attributes and good social advantages: you'll need to make a LOT of friends. an additional 10 points may be spent on "Flavor skills", things that are completely random and probably won't be useful, and certainly not on most worlds. For example, clerical investment, game (football), connisuer (wine), or security clearance.

The character should start out with a fairly plausible back story, and background. No hard bitten survivalists please. I'll balk at anything more "well suited" than a surgeon who happens to be a old-fashioned gunsmith and loves to hunt (I actually know one, so thats why the line is there). The character will progress fairly rapidly, and we can have some good fun as skills are picked up from world to world.

Neither cinematic, supernatural, or exotic traits are available at the beginning of play, but they can and will be aquired during it. Metagame traits such as luck should not be bought during character creation.

The character receives the following 153 point package:

    (40)Jumper (world, New worlds +50%, Naked -30%, Uncontrollable -10%, Unconscious only -20%, skill roll is dreaming, only when sleeping -20%, requires Immediate Preparation 1 hour -75%, cosmic +50%, Drift -15%) [40]
    (28) Detect (supernatural phenomenon, Reflexive +40%) [28]
    (35) Clairsentience (Requires Immediate Preparation 1 Hour -75%, skill roll is dreaming, only when sleeping -20%, Unconscious only -20%, uncontrollable -10%, cosmic +50%, Increased Range x2 Million +200%) [35]
    (50) Usual Background (Can use any Magic) [50] 
    (15) Luck [15],
    (15) Serendipidy [15],
    (-15) Weirdness Magnet[-15]
    (-15) Dead Broke (Only after jumps -40%)[-15]
please note the character is unaware of these abilities up until the first post, and can only improve these abilities in play or with earned points. I in fact give no guarantee on what magic systems will be seen.

You will be able to improve the you jumper by removing Unconscious Only, drifting, then naked, and you will be able to add some abilities as well. Uncontrollable, preparation, and only when sleeping are permanently part of the ability (and plot).

Character Creation Cost Details


Previous characters may pick up where they left off.


The original thread was here. I'm starting a new one because the old one was long, and I want the first post to reflect some of the things I've learned. I had to take a break from running the game, but I think its time to start up again. To those of you from the first one, welcome back.
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