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Default Re: [Game] Work Up a Steampunk Setting

Answer 81F: Pit of the Vizier
According to diplomatic sources in Constantinople, the sultan, Mehmed V, who for some time had been desultory, stern or even depressed, has recently appeared ebullient or lost in cunning contemplation. This change in countenance occurred after a recent tour of the Ottoman provinces of the lower Balkans. Other noticeable signs of concern have been frequent meetings with his military advisers, and one particular army captain, Commander Mustafa Kemal, suddenly seems to have the sultan's favour. The presence of tight-lipped Norwegian and German business, computing and construction types has also been reported. The market for brass has gone up as the government seems to be buying up available stocks, and tar coal is doing well too. That's the news from the capital, but goings-on in the West Herzegovina region are also causing speculation. The area is under tight guard by the 38th infantry regiment, a lot of cargo lorries have been observed heading into the region, and there have been reports of loud, alarming booming sounds at all times of day. Is there any connection with reports of military movements around the port of Dubrovnik? What is the Vizier, a thinking engine of some sort?

The only other scant clue gathered by sources was the sultan overheard saying, "I want to see the Vizier again." But which one? And why?

The PC's would be spies sent to determine if there's anything their government should be aware of happening in the heavily guarded West Herzegovina. Making their way to the apparent centre of activity in the village of Zavala, the first clues they'd be aware of are the presence of Norwegian subsea engineers or equipment shipments marked with the Norsk Akvatisk logo. This is odd as the town is some 8 miles inland from the coast.

Further snooping will eventually uncover the grand scheme-
Commander Mustafa Kemal (destined to become General Ataturk and first president in our timeline) is building a steam-mech, the Vizier. He initially had middling success with the project started under his own initiative, but showing off the project's initial stages to the sultan earned the monarch's enthusiasm and significant material support. Mercenary German mechanical engineers with experience with the mega-machines of Otto or Wilhelm were brought in as advisers.

The pit is a natural sinkhole in the soft karst plateau of Popovo Polje, using the hole as a construction silo for the massive, 80 foot tall mech. Cranes and gantries line the walls of the 100 foot deep pit, while fitters, turners, mechanics and armourers constantly swarm over the machine's solid humanoid form.

Tunnels connect the construction site with the extensive natural cave systems and the nearby Trebišnjica river, which itself passes underground for long stretches, before connecting to the sea at Dubrovnik. The Norwegian subsea engineers have been consulting on the project, which has tunneled along the length of the river to the harbour. The Vizier is designed with aquatic ability and will be tested for range across the Adriatic seafloor.

The sultan is hoping that a brigade of several Viziers will be able to bolster his forces against an impending conflict with Italy, and scare off any entente excursions into the Caucasus with such an impressive war machine.

What do the PCs do? Report back to home? Explore the vast underground military research cave network, which houses the extensive support and manufacturing infrastructure for the project? Blow everything up? Steal the plans? Or try to steal the Vizier itself?
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