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Default Autoduel the PC Game

This was a fun discovery this morning checking in with SJGames...

Searching for Autoduel Source Code

This request makes me wish my career path had leaned more towards software instead of "mecha/elec/chemical" as is my present specialty and I could reverse engineer the source code myself. Time to exercise my software Contacts.

I bought that game in high school in 1986, even though we didn't have a computer; me and my buddy when halves on the price (i think it was $60?!) and used the Apple][e that we had access to at school in our 'STARS*' time once a week.

The 'build your car' system at the factory was so awesome, since we were doing by pen and paper back then. adding/removing components and finding the perfect balance was sooo fast. the hardcore nature of games back then with no save point (other then opting for the $15k clone!) made significant progress in the game a real achievement.

There is one map between towns that is like a maze. Been too long or I could tell you exactly which towns it is, but if you played it, you probably know which one i mean. It takes 20 minutes if you make a wrong turn, or 2 minutes if you know exactly the way to go or get really really lucky and hit that turn by accident. I remember finally writing it down on paper so I wouldn't miss it again. Making courier runs between towns and hoping to not run out of ammo before your last road-gang encounter - running away while the AI crashes its cars into the walls... good stuff.

I'm really glad the rights have reverted back to SJ. It's a great day for CW fans. Add save points (for us weak-willed modern gamers) and an interface that functions with today's hardware and it's playable and fun as-is!

what kind of fun have ya'll had playing the original Autoduel? i know a lot of you have :)

*Sanger's Talented and Resourceful Students: basically free-form play time for 8 hours at school (one day a week), you passed some kind of IQ test and they let you in... so fun. we played Risk/Ad&D/car wars, watched the occasional educational documentary and talked about it. Best use of school time in the history of schools.
Our decades-old & rarely updated CarWars blog & Hotwheel conversion tutorial: North Texas Autoduel Association
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