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Default Vaputech presents:

Surveillance Accessory Mark IIV
Relic/3 (self-powered)
Corporeal Sight (6)
Ethereal Sight (6)
Celestial Sight (6)
Ethereal Tongues (9)

5 minute activation procedure (-2)
Fragile (-2)
Does Body, Mind, and Soul hits equal to CD (-6)
Celestial Artifact Destroyed when corporeal object destroyed (-4)

The latest from Vaputech, this video camera can record perfectly clear video, with light amplification, magnification, and x-ray options. It can be activated and placed wherever needed, and retrieved later for playback. It has only three slight disadvantages, one of which can be overcome using another handy Vaputech device. The first problem* is Essence cost; 2-4 Essence per use, depending on which features are used. The second problem is that it only works about half the time, but there's no way to tell until you play it back, and the Essence is spent regardless. The final problem is that playback is via direct induction to the visual cortex. The playback cord is plugged into the user's skull, whereupon it will drill through, find the visual cortex, and modify it to receive the input from the camera (This is the point at which the damage is suffered, as the process id damaging to the skull and brain, not to mention very painful; a Will roll is required to stay quiet through the process, if it matters). Once calibration is done, it will use a modified Song of Tongues to download the feed into the users brain. This can be used to get the benefit of the Songs directly: just plug the cord in before you turn it on, and you can see through it directly, although it will require the use of one hand to hold the camera.

*This is the fixable one:
Vaputech Essence Batteries:
Reliquary/3 or /4
Usable by anyone (+3)
One use
total cost:3 or 4 points
Size C batteries contain 3 Essence, Size D contain 4 (Size A and B would cost 2 and 3 points respectively, if one wants them). That's all they do, but they're pretty reliable. The rumors about them exploding periodically are defeatist propaganda, and any demon hearing them is instructed to report it to the nearest agent of the Game immediately.

EDIT: Edited for correct costs.

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