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Default Re: Member House Rules

We playing with modificated death rules.
If someones dies, he is dead. Player's choice to re-start at next regular turn with a total new character - depending on games progress, while all others just need a step to win its kinda meh to restart all new.
It made some great funny moments in mid-game area, if someones dead he/she restarts, other may kinda ignore his/her progress for some time - sometimes even a suprising win turned out that way cause the others where busy with themselves on last levels and didn't realised the lucky fast leveling "new" munchkin hitting the winning level.
Also looting the dead we changed to "the one who screams first loudest gets it" after a short period lying dead on th ground (to give everyone a chance to get a clue about lootable cards), formed many funny moments due that one while everyones argueing about various cards - decisions made by 6sided dice in worst case. Also hand cards included, shown open to everyone.

We got some older editions around, but decided very early, level 9 and 10 (or 18, 19 and 20 on epic) need to be done by killing a monster, can't sell items for leveling, also get a level cards don't count anymore beyond 8 (or 17).
If droping down below ofcourse levels can be bought or regained by cards again.

Beside of that we took some cards out, Kneepads and the tourist trap are out for kinda all time since we decided these are kinda heavy imbalanced sometimes - others may be decided during game progress depending on how many players and how experienced they are with the game.
So sometimes we take some confusing ones out while playing with beginners in processing game.
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