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Default Online Gaming Resources Discussion/Help

Can I do that? Sure, I can! I think...

I haven't seen anything anything like this float around lately, and I've taken the liberty to look for similar threads.

I'm making a motion to discuss gaming resources from online sources, or even sites themselves. I'm aware of as well as RPTools - Maptool, and I'm sure that a fair amount of us are familiar with our own GURPS Character Assistant. However, these are all very common tools, and I know that Maptool is pretty out of date, and I can't get it to run well on my laptop. That leaves the question... What else is out there? Maybe some of you just keep things organized in Excel or OneNote. Maybe some of you have even created cool tools for others to use.
  • What's something to use to keep track of an adventure/battle?
  • What's something to use for tracking FP/HP?
  • What's something to use for organizing monsters and NPCs?
  • What's something to use to quickly calculate damage even with those pesky modifiers?
  • What's something to use for making an organized virtual map?
The monsters and NPCs one is super important to me, personally. I'm trying to find a good system to do it. Here is an example of what I'm trying to do.
In Example1, The top part and the first column are both locked, and the top part is what I copy over to my adventure log (Example2) for reference, but it's just not small enough or easy enough. There should be a way to copy it over in a small space and make that space like a separate piece that can scroll when it's selected, etc. If I could do that, it would make my life a lot easier, but that's how I have it now. Hey, if anyone can help me with Excel, I'll gladly take it. And Example3 is a good way for me to keep inventory as well as make sure I am aware of their quirks/disadvantages when I need them.
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Default Re: Online Gaming Resources Discussion/Help

For some of the non-gm calculation and tracking, you might try the GURPS Calculator app for Android systems. I have it installed on my phone and one of my tablets. I also have that I wrote. There's a copy there for Windows, but source is provided to build a command line version that runs on Linux or OS X. Of the two, I tend to use my own creation running on my netbook, from the command line. But I'm a UNIX dev for my day job, so working on the command line is the easiest option for me.

For the tracking and management of a campaign, I have created, and I have also created a nice set of wiki templates for dokuwiki. There's also the very popular Obsidian Portal. In fact, I'd encourage you to check out Obsidian Portal for organizing your campaign. While I like my site, Obsidian Portal has done a lot of great work to build a solid site, and I'm impressed by what I see there.

A lot of what you're trying to do is also supported by Google Docs and Google Drive. In fact I think that coupling that with google+ and the hangout service would make a pretty good online gaming portal. As a bonus, anything stored in Google Docs and Google Drive is available via a smart phone or tablet.
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