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Mark Skarr
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Default Re: Art for games

Originally Posted by Ze'Manel Cunha View Post
I'd make the distinction between twigs vs slender at where the knees on your models look thicker than their thighs, that makes them too skinny, or they have knobby knees.

Which they don't btw, nice knees, they just need at least another inch around the thighs and biceps, and a half as much on the calves and forearms. Jillian's feet are thicker than her calves and as thick as her thighs. Jillian's wrists are as thick as her biceps, she looks like she'd have trouble leveling that shotgun since she has the arms of a six year old.
Jillian, a test, fresh out of LUX, was always intended to be skinny. Not quite emaciated, but getting there.

Aurora, after 12 hours became the final version as when I networked MonkeyFist's computer with mine, it went all pear-shaped.
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