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Old 03-26-2023, 01:50 PM   #1
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Default PLAYERS WANTED modern day sci fi campaign

Howdy yall,
I am seeking good role players for a modern day GURPS sci Fi campaign I am running
on discord.
a agency called IRON NOVA will contact your character and bring them
on board.
They are a privately funded agency who are investigating a abandoned alien transportation
system found in a disused Virginia gold mine in 1948.
campaign is heavy on role playing and character development and combat
will be more or less realistic and tactical.
Much more to this setting as a LOT of work has went into fleshing it all out
if you want to have fun and
Enjoy a good adventure setting , role play and develop your character , face nasty hostile foes ,and explore alternate Earth's , and locations throughout our galaxy , then by all means contact me on DISCORD.
Need 2-3 good players.
will use live voice and play on my DISCORD GURPS SERVER
- my discord name is ....

Hope to hear from yall
if your in a fair fight,you did'nt plan it properly..

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