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Default Re: [Space/Thaumatology] Stargate: Fantasy - Worldbuilding thread

Originally Posted by Prince Charon View Post
Faster Than Light Question III
6) A combined 1 - only physical objects can get through, meaning spirits need a vessel to travel through one - and 5 - the gates themselves can be modulated for communication - but with the caveat that the communication allowed by 5 is rather low-bandwidth. Basically, SGC figures out how to do the communication fairly early (or is informed of how to do it by a friendly native of one of the early worlds they visit); initially they can send information at a rate roughly equivalent to a sentence per minute, but once they've optimized their methods maybe something like a paragraph per minute. Note this implies an initial rate of around a byte per second, an optimized rate of around 5 bytes per second. That should allow for the GDO and Iris systems (although the SG team will need to wait a bit for the transmission to be accepted), as well as brief emergency messages. The MALP will need a degree of automation to function - it could probably be designed to go through, collect the relevant data, then send a fairly simple message back regarding its findings (if it needs to send pictures or video, equip it with a compressed-air "cannon" that can shoot a ruggedized, small harddrive back through the gate... or have it reverse back through). Of course, once SGC gets a handle on magic, they may be able to design a MALP golem that is more reliable.
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Fred Brackin
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Default Re: [Space/Thaumatology] Stargate: Fantasy - Worldbuilding thread

1. I'm okay with very little communication passing through gates and need for either the IRIS or the MALF made any sense. I certainly wouldn't build a door to locations I did not control without a way to lock it and Gates do not go to _random_ locations.

Locking sequences and environmental chevrons do imply a certain level of communication between the Gates themselves but it's just not very necessary for the users to be able to use them for instantaneous communications.
Fred Brackin
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