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Default Re: New to GURPs; not sure where to start

Originally Posted by ClayDowling
The first thing to remember is that GURPS isn't one of those games that's ready to go right out of the box. You can't just start rolling up characters after reading the first couple of chapters.

If you're the game master, be prepared to set up a framework for your players to design their characters in. You'll have to make up some character concepts that you think are appropriate to the kind of game you want to play. You can codify those concepts as templates (if you get the Basic Set). You also need to set out what's encouraged in character design, and what is forbidden.

I like the way this points out what makes it so different from DnD. It may sound like it is a lot of work (but it doesnt have to be), it is about how much power you have over the rules as a GM. You're not just a GM your almost a fully fledged game designer, because it is a generic universal rp system. You (the GM) dictate the universe, reality and style of play.

You as a GM are not at the mercy of every new expansion or every new deadly combo that comes around every month. You're neither a killjoy for not allowing certain rules, simply because each gm actually creates a unique game and there is none to compare with.

GURPS books are not just there to fill your world, but there to help you fill them up with as much detail as you could possibly want. The great thing about detail is that you don't have to pick it up, but it is at least there if you want/need it.

the thing that makes DnD easy to use is because you have a set of pre-simplifed archetypes and options. the thing about gurps is that, you have a ton of detail, choose the details important to you and it will run just as fast and the way YOU want it. If you can't make a decision, you've got the forum.
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