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Default Re: [GURPS resources] T Bone's Games Diner updates & announcements

The GURPS disadvantage. It's a lovely pre-approved loan: get those character points up front, and work them off (=roleplay the disadvantage) over time.

Only... there's a touch of loan shark aspect to the arrangement. Because, you see, should you miss a payment (=fail to play a disadvantage), Rocco here (=the GM) just might have to do something unfortunate to your lovely PC (=dock some points)...

Is there a less stressful way to handle disadvantages – specifically, not by receiving a sack of character points up front, but by earning the points a little at a time as you roleplay disadvantages at your discretion?

I think there is a way, with both methods able to coexist in the game (and even in a character). The proposal:

Idea Pot: Earn-as-you-go disadvantages for GURPS

Note: I'm following forum convention in announcing new blog content in this thread. Should anyone want to discuss the topic, it's probably better to create a proper new thread than to use this one.
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