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Default Feats!

I am looking at starting up an in-person game here in a month or two and wanted your guys take on an idea I had to make sure it isn't too unbalanced before I start.

I'm planning on having D&D like feats in my game, with each player getting one feat when they create their character. (Some heroic NPCs will also have a feat.)
I have two reasons for doing this; a) it makes the PCs feel a little more heroic without making them to godly, b) I'll have 'wizard' be one of the feats allowing wizards the ability to learn talents at normal IQ/XP cost while still keeping them balanced since you'll have to use your feat to be a wizard.

A couple of feats I have come up with so far.

* Wizard: You can learn spells at the cost of 1 IQ point or 750 XP, you can also learn the staff spell.
* Adept: You learn two free spells of any IQ level (you can still only use them if you have the IQ for them).
* Kiter: You can move up to 3 hexes and still make a ranged attack. (this feels a little weak)
* Tank: Armour can't reduce your MA below 8, additionally armour reduces your DX by 1 less.
* Brutality: If you deal 12 damage before any reductions you knock your target down. (might reduce to 10 dmg)
* Recovery: You heal 1 hit every two days without a physicker, and 2 hits a day with a physicker. You also recover 1 fatigue every 10 min of rest.
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