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Default VTT Miniatures of DFRPG Iconic Delvers

Lately I’ve been messing around with Hero Forge to make tokens and minis for virtual tabletops, and I decided to take a stab at my interpretation of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game iconic delvers (those in Adventurers, Delvers To Go!, and Kickstarter extras). Over at @hjalmarrholgerson on Instagram, I’ll be posting the various portraits and tokens of these delvers. A few things to keep in mind:
  1. These are interpretations, trying to stay as faithful to the descriptions as possible, but clearly not 100% correct.
  2. These don’t have helmets, even though almost every character does, in fact, have some kind of head armor. I like them better this way.
  3. Due to either Hero Forge’s limitations, or my limitations using this tool, it seems somewhat hard to depict female adventurers without them being quite buxom. It’s not meant to be objectifying, exclusionary, or anything like that. These are unavoidably made with a “male gaze.” I can’t quite help that. They’re not Boris Vallejo style, to be sure. Do they meet the standards of Women Fighters in Sensible Armor? I don’t know. Hopefully, largely, yes.
  4. Just to get this out of the way in the event that people start making requests, want to buy these, etc., I’m not doing any of this for any type of compensation at all. I really enjoy my real-life job (very good compensation, very satisfying intellectually) even though it is high stress. But it doesn’t offer much in terms of creativity. So one of the ways I relax, in addition to actually playing RPGs, is through character creation, including coming up with depictions of the characters. After having done it, I figured people might appreciate it if I shared them. So, here we are. You can certainly make your own with Hero Forge Pro.
  5. This is not an endorsement of Hero Forge; I just liked messing around with it. I'm not talented enough to draw these, and I'm not going to drop $20 per mini to order these and then paint them (or $40 per mini or whatever to have them prepainted).
  6. My thoughts about individual minis are below.
  7. Enjoy!

  • Ćlin Rock-Talker, Dwarven Druid (Delvers To Go!): Silver sickle, check; metal shield, check. Bonus: the shield has some leaves on it. I figured a semi-camouflage gambeson was the way to go. I don’t think there’s canteens in Hero Forge, but a drinking horn seems appropriate. I really like him.
  • Amira Tiro, Half-Ogre Martial Artist (Kickstarter): This is about as good as I can get the escrima sticks; sometimes the wood is a little weird on Hero Forge (or I’m just not good enough). I’m reasonably satisfied with this one.
  • Argua, Half-Ogre Barbarian (Delvers To Go!): Hero Forge doesn’t have textures like leopard-skin. But you can use GIMP and put it on there. I’ll post both; it was a pretty quick job. I actually prefer the token/portrait without leopard skin, but they both work. I could have given her hair that was more wild, but this seemed ok. She is probably “prettier” than imagined. The clothing is probably *less* than she would wear, but makes her look more feminine. In the end, I really dig Argua.
  • Emily Elms, Halfling Scout (Kickstarter): I figure halflings don’t wear foot armor. Eh, I could go either way on that. Bluebird feathers? Who knows. Seemed fun. She’s got a gladius on her hip as well. I went for brown buckskin clothing (she doesn’t wear armor). This was fun, if not super inspiring.
  • Francesco Zombani, Human Cleric (Adventurers): No staff slings in Hero Forge (or slings, as best I can tell). So he’s got a quarterstaff and the staff on his back presumably resembles a staff sling. His rags are as raggedy as I think I could get. I am OK with this mini.
  • Glint, Human Martial Artist (Kickstarter): He’s a ninja with Katars. Not much to do here. I made him “sneaking.” Meh.
  • Grükuk Kzaash, Half-Orc Knight (Adventurers): Very fun. Spiked shield, kukri, longbow, morningstar? Check, check, check, check. Having said that, the morningstars in Hero Forge (called a flail, I believe) are *ridiculously* large. Truth be told: I hate them. But, as far as this mini goes, I’m satisfied.
  • Harrison “Happy” Badapple, Halfling Thief (Delvers To Go!): Again, staff sling issues. Otherwise, it seems…fine. Not in love with it. I probably should have given him a hat.
  • Jag Fairchild, Human Bard (Delvers To Go!): Yeah, I know he has a tin whistle and not a lute. Again, it’s interpretation. I think he looks fine.
  • Llandor the Grey, Elven Scout (Delvers To Go!): I like Llandor; he turned out ok. I don’t love his outfit, but Hero Forge describes it as Elven Light Armor…ok. His bow is fun.
  • Lydon Glibtongue, Elven Bard (Kickstarter): This guy was the least amount of work or creativity. I gave him a flute and what appears to be an elven-style long knife. I’m ok with this guy.
  • Masha Deathfoot, Human Martial Artist (Delvers To Go!): I like this simple mini: plate gauntlets and boots, and a brown gi. I don’t love the face, but it works.
  • Miao Miao, Cat-Folk Swashbuckler (Delvers To Go!): Candidly, this is somewhat giving up here; I couldn’t quite match the picture in the book, so this is as close as I can come. She wears furs and holds a rapier. OK, done.
  • Puddin’ Noddington, Gnome Thief (Delvers To Go!): I like how she turned out. Falchion, goggles, pistol crossbow, etc. This was fun. I don’t love the color scheme, but it works.
  • Samar Alqatil, Human Holy Warrior (Delvers To Go!): This is my favorite. This isn’t the hairstyle depicted in the book, but I think it works. If I could change anything, maybe I would have made her smiling, which would be consistent with her quirk of Gleeful fanatic (“Ha! Demons to kill.”), not a morbid one (“I die for Good.). I really dig her armor. I probably should reposition the helmet on the ground by her.
  • Sir Yvor Gryffyn, Human Knight (Delvers To Go!): The second of three characters in a row with segmented plate or light segmented plate armor. I gave them all different leg armor for variety, and different shoulder armor. Big ol’ shield for Sir Yvor. I like how he turned out.
  • Sister Miriam Suntemple, Human Cleric (Delvers To Go!): She’s a no-nonsense cleric who has the spell Flaming Weapon and uses a broadsword. In this interpretation, she’s got the shield on her back and holds her holy symbol. I had fun with the pants! Hopefully her expression reflects her No Sense of Humor disadvantage.
  • Uncle Seamus, Human Wizard (Delvers To Go!): I don’t think all wizards wear robes; this one wears a kilt, perhaps befitting his name. His staff was fun; not a lot to go on with him, but I think he worked out ok.
  • Zephyra, Elven Wizard (Delvers To Go!): One of her quirks is “Uses a free-to-maintain (1d) Flame Jet as a torch.” Done. The small buckler on Hero Forge is probably intended to be metal; I tried to make it wood and leather.

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Default Re: VTT Miniatures of DFRPG Iconic Delvers

Love them, especially Francesco Zombani.
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Default Re: VTT Miniatures of DFRPG Iconic Delvers

For those of you who follow Peter Dell'Orto's Felltower campaign over at his blog, Dungeon Fantastic, the current group of delvers is also now on Hjalmarr Holgerson's Instagram in HeroForge fashion (just portraits, not tokens at this time). Some of them may even be wielding or using magic items from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 3: Artifacts of Felltower.

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