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Default Re: [Star Trek like] number of planets and sapients

Originally Posted by Prince Charon View Post
They also had greatly extended lifespans in the episode, to a ridiculous degree. However, if something like Omega IV exists in that setting, I'd prefer a shorter timespan.
Oh Wu is a piker as "His father is well over a thousand."

Funny thing about that name, it is also what the immortal servant of a Sanjiyan Unkara is called. The character used in the 3x3 Eyes manga and anime (无) means void or nothing.
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Default Re: [Star Trek like] number of planets and sapients

I think that i'm going to use Agemegos's numbers from the previously cited thread as a start and see what Astrosynthesis gives me.

Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
First, by recognising that nearly all that profusion is spurious. There are perhaps a trillion stars in the Milky Way, but that's counting red dwarfs, late K orange dwarfs, brown dwarfs, blue-white or blue main-sequence dwarfs hotter than about A5, white dwarfs, sub-giants, giants, supergiants, and hypergiants, none of which are of any more interest than individual seeds on the grasses on the prairie when I am running a Western. All that matters about them is that there are so many of them that whatever resource any one could supply would be ubiquitous and cheap.There are maybe 30 million stars in the Milky Way the right size to plausibly have a human-habitable planet, and half of those are too young or too old. And the average number of habitable planets per candidate star is more like 0.05 than 10. All that's without even considering plausible limits to the Galactic habitable zone.

We don't have ten trillion planets to worry about. 1.5 million is much more like it. The other 9,999,998,500,000 can be ignored like seeds of grass.

Now, 1.5 million human-habitable planets is still too many for some purposes.
Travis Foster
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Default Re: [Star Trek like] number of planets and sapients

In the final analysis, it's really a world building decision
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Default Re: [Star Trek like] number of planets and sapients

"Fortunately", we still know so little about the prevalence of other Earth like planets and the very origins of life here that it's perfectly plausible to reduce the thread title's number as much as one prefers.

Sure, mere life could be ubiquitous but complex long lasting life could require something odd that our system just happened to have. Maybe it needs to have had an early moon creating impact. That alone should drastically winnow down the number of candidates.
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space opera, star trek

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