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Default Run Away die

I did not find a clear answer to this in the rules.

Is the Run Away die (to be rolled in order to run away, sucessful on a 5 or higher) one of the d6s, or the d10?

My assumption was the d6, and that's the way we played tonight, but I wasn't positive so wanted to make sure.
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Default Re: Run Away die

Originally Posted by Munchkin Quest Rules Pg. 4 "Dice"
The 10-Sided die (d10) is used for the Class abilities (p. 15). Sometimes a card may let you roll the d10 for something else.
Each player also has two regular six-sided dice.
When the rules or cards just tell you to "roll a die," or when a room, monster, etc., gives a bonus or penalty on die rolls, this only means the six-sider unless it specifies otherwise. Note in particular that the Loaded Die and Reloaded Die let you reroll any die.
Originally Posted by Munchkin Quest Rules Pg. 10 "Rolling to Running Away"
Running Away does not cost any Move. All you have to do is roll one die, and be lucky.
If you roll a 5 or above, you dodge the Bad Stuff.
Since, in the first part I quoted it says that unless it specifically tells you to use a 10 sider to always use one of the 6 sider's. Then you would only use the 6 sider to run away.

It would be way to easy to run away (60% chance of success) if you used the 10 sider.

So, yes you made the right call and played correctly.:)
Tim Williamson
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