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Default Return of the MNSH (Murderous Ninja Sniper Halfling)

The 40pt version:
ST4 DX23 IQ13
Talents: Tactics, Strategist, Running, Thrown weapons, Sha-ken, Weapon Mastery (Sha-ken)
Inventory: Bags of sha-ken
Armour: none

Shrewdly throws 12 sha-ken each turn.
adjDX before range = 23 + 2 (thrown weapons) - 8 (for 12 sha-ken) - 4 (shrewd) = 13

Damage for each sha-ken = 1d-2 + 2 (mastery) + 1d+2 (shrewd) = 2d+2

At a range of 3 hexes, expected chance to hit per sha-ken = 50% = 6 successful strikes per turn
Expected damage per strike = 9

Expected damage per turn:
If target has 0 armor = 54 damage taken per turn = dead
1 armor = 48 = dead
2 armor = 42 = dead
6 armor = 18 = dead
7 armor = 12 = dead, OR knocked down and dead next turn
8 armor = 6 = don't care about MNSH

Note this doesn't count possibility of 2x and 3x damage, which is significant when you have 12 chances to hit. Yet critical misses have no more impact than a regular miss.

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