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Default Re: [Official] GCA Data Files available for download

I've been working to update and consolidate the DFRPG files.

Just at the end of the year I think I've finished combining my work and Emily's work (barring bug fixes), so that we have a single DFRPG file that no longer needs the separate Equipment file and that finishes the work Emily started on the weapons.


Try the DFRPG file from my OneDrive here: Dungeon Fantasy RPG.GDF. Copy that over the top of the existing one in C:\Program Files (x86)\GURPS Character Assistant 4\data files\worldbooks\ (admin permission required). You can put it in Documents instead, if you remember to use that file instead in your data sets. (I'll look at getting a Data Update out a bit later this year to include this update.)

DO NOT load the Dungeon Fantasy RPG - Equipment file any more once you have the new file: it will just replace working things with broken ones; everything from that file is included in the DFRPG file itself now, so we only need this one file.
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