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Default Re: Ideas Are Easy

A Time Of Magic

Every 500 years, the dragons are born. All at once. They start small, and are bonded, slain, captured, or shunned by the humans around them. They grow up quickly, becoming great beasts of flame and magic within just a few years. And then they mate, and hide their eggs deep in the earth, and die, leaving the human world forever changed, and their eggs slumbering for five long centuries, while the world of men convinces forgets them.


This was inspired by a documentary on a speicies of chameleon that breeds and dies every single year, leaving nothing but eggs alive for something like 5 months of the year. I've heard of invertebrates that did that, but seeing it on a lizard made me want to do it with dragons.

Or wizards, but dragons seems more natural.
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Default Re: Ideas Are Easy

Mouse Noir'd
The city was a maze of shadows, and this maze never seems to have any cheese at the end. I was just another pawn in this game of deceit, a lone mouse prowling the concrete jungle with a cigarette hanging from my lips and a fedora pulled low over my eyes. The name's Mickey Whiskers. They call me a detective, but in reality, I was a hunter of truths in a world drowning in lies.

A new case had just come across my desk. Real sob story. Waitress at a local nightclub, sings when there isn't some other act. Not got the makings to be a star, but the regulars love her. Thirty seven kids. Husband's a bum. But she'd gone missing. Nobody'd heard a squeak from her in over a week.
I was reading the Mouse Guard RPG book, looked up, saw my fedora sitting on the dresser, and this nonsensed popped into my head.
- Actually one normal sized guy in three tiny trenchcoats.
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