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Default How about a bard, then?

The martial artist I posted last week was well-received, so here's an example of another hard-to-play profession: the bard. This one exploits elven Magery to dabble in more magic than usual. He's not meant to be good in a fight, though he can survive a battle by making one good retreating parry and then running away fast. He is, however, a fair backup thief, scout, and wizard, and also a social monster. He illustrates what a jack of all trades – the oft-maligned "rogue-warrior-wizard" – might look like in the DFRPG. After adding a few character points and better gear, he could be stronger in any of the three areas (e.g., he might add ST and armor, or IQ and Energy Reserve, or lots of other things). Though his friends might wonder why they should support him, he's capable of negotiating for them in town and a lot of his spells could benefit better warriors and thieves.

Kellan Ellanjan
249-point Elven Bard
Kellan is a mischievous wanderer who, after several human lifetimes of trying, was finally accepted as a "bard" . . . mostly to get him out of the hair of heralds and skalds with one human lifetime apiece. He's likeable enough – articulate and good-looking – but he can't resist trickery or nosing into others' affairs. And though he'd die for his allies, he can't stick to a plan and has an annoying tendency to try to negotiate with anyone who isn't charging to attack, his roguish nature making things worse more often than not.

Kellan is no warrior and doesn't pretend to be. In a fight, he retreats as he parries or dodges, and actually runs away from the enemy if there's space. Once he's out of pressing danger, he casts spells. In his long life, he has learned far more traditional wizardry than bardic lore; his favorite trick is to cast Walk on Air and get above the battlefield, where he uses his bow, the Song of Humiliation, and the Concussion spell to harass foes from relative safety. His surprising quickness often lets him pull this off.

Out of combat, Kellan has the knowledge (if not the wisdom) that a long life brings, making him good at the classic social tasks expected of bards. He also aids the group with magic for remaining undetected – Hide, Invisibility, Mage-Stealth, and No-Smell – and by being generally sneaky.

Kellan uses his composite bow – which he claims is an "elven bow" – as his power item. It holds 8 FP. (He claims all his gear is "elven," including what little armor he wears: gloves and boots woven from fiber, which he calls "elven archery bracers" and "elven stealth boots." Other elves find this annoying.)

ST 10 [0]; DX 13 [60]; IQ 15 [100]; HT 11 [10].
Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs.; HP 10 [0]; Will 15 [0]; Per 15 [0]; FP 11 [0].
Basic Speed 7.00 [20]; Basic Move 8 [5]; Move 8.
Dodge 10; Parry 11 (Rapier); Block N/A.

Appearance (Attractive) [4]
Bardic Talent 2 [20]
Charisma 1 [5]
Elven Gear [1]
Forest Guardian 2 [10]
Magery 0 [5]
Penetrating Voice [1]
Song of Humiliation [4]
Voice [10]

Disadvantages and Quirks
Chummy [-5]
Curious (12) [-5]
Impulsiveness (12) [-10]
Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions) [-5]
Sense of Duty (Nature) [-15]
Trickster (12) [-15]
Xenophilia (12) [-10]

Feels formal bards and heralds need to chill (and tries to help, like it or not). [-1]
Feels his haughty, reclusive elven kin need to chill, too (and ditto). [-1]
Overeager to aid true wizards – any but bona fide foes (usually allies, much to their chagrin). [-1]
Particularly curious about magical grimoires, however grim and foreboding. [-1]
Seeks the high ground in combat to better torment foes with words and arrows. [-1]

Acting-15 [2]
Bow-15* [2]
Camouflage-17* [1]
Carousing-12 [2]
Climbing-12 [1]
Current Affairs-15 [1]
Detect Lies-13 [1]
Diplomacy-15† [1]
Fast-Draw (Arrow)-15* [1]
Fast-Talk-16† [1]
Gesture-15 [1]
Heraldry-14 [1]
Hiking-10 [1]
Interrogation-14 [1]
Intimidation-14 [1]
Merchant-14 [1]
Mimicry (Speech)-15† [1]
Musical Composition-15‡ [1]
Musical Instrument (Drums)-16‡ [2]
Observation-14 [1]
Performance-16† [1]
Poetry-14 [1]
Propaganda-14 [1]
Public Speaking-17†§ [1]
Rapier-16 [12]
Savoir-Faire-15 [1]
Singing-15†‡ [1]
Stealth-15* [2]
Streetwise-14 [1]
Ventriloquism-13 [1]

As bard:‡
Concussion-15 [1]
Hush-15 [1]
Mage-Stealth-15 [1]
Silence-15 [1]
Sound-15 [1]
Thunderclap-15 [1]

As wizard:
Blur-13 [1]
Continual Light-13 [1]
Create Air-13 [1]
Darkness-13 [1]
Hawk Vision-13 [1]
Hide-13 [1]
Invisibility-13 [1]
Light-13 [1]
No-Smell-13 [1]
Purify Air-13 [1]
Shape Air-13 [1]
Walk on Air-13 [1]
* Includes +2 for Forest Guardian.
† Includes +2 for Voice.
‡ Includes +2 for Bardic Talent.
§ Includes +1 for Charisma.
$1,500, 19.68 lbs. (No encumbrance)
Arrows, Bodkin Point, Fine ×12. Damage becomes 1d+2(2) pi. $72, 1.2 lbs.
Canteen, Full. 1 quart water. $10, 3 lbs.
Clothing. $0, 2 lbs.
Coins. 4 copper. $4, 0.08 lb.
Composite Bow (ST 10). 1d+1 imp, Acc 3, Range 200/250, Shots 1(2), Bulk -7. $900, 4 lbs.
Drum. $40, 2 lbs.
Elven Rations, 6 meals. $27*, 1 lb.
Light Cloth Armor, Hands and Feet. DR 1. $22, 2.7 lbs.
Light Rapier. 1d-1 imp (reach 1). $400, 2 lbs.
Personal Basics. $5, 1 lb.
Pouch. Holds rations. $10, 0.2 lb.
Shoulder Quiver. Holds arrows. $10, 0.5 lb.
* -10% for Elven Gear.
Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch <>
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