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Default initiating a new Mind Control on a target still suffering lingering effects

B68's "uninterrupted Concentrate maneuvers" got broadened a bit as of Powers 155 "Distraction and Injury" where stuff like doing active defenses can mess it up, much like a spell.

This seems to more easily shift you from the "indefinite so long as I keep up the maneuver choice" realm into the "MoS minutes thereafter" realm.

This makes me wonder: do you need to wait for the MoS minutes to expire to attempt to re-instate them into the indefinite-so-long-as-I-concentrate tier via a new Concentrate maneuver and Quick Contest?

It seems like if this were allowed, it should probably suffer the "-1 per slave already under your control" for the target, so there would be an advantage to having let it lapse first (avoiding the -1 to IQ penalty) with of course the drawback of there being a period where you can't order them around.

If it is possible (at -1) to re-initiate on someone you're still linger-affecting, do you think you could give the order "do not resist me" in which case you'd only need to pass your IQ roll uncontested?

This is something I imagine you could only do on things resisted by Will though, if Mind Control is shifted to something like a HT roll then people might not be able to voluntarily throw the contest. It's not like you can will yourself to fail a HT roll to get sick from a pathogen, after all.

- - -

also wondering: does the character know what MoS they got, how many minutes they can expect compliance after concentration ends, soon as they launch the attack?

If not, do they at least know it has ended once the MoS minutes are up?

Powers 195's 2nd paragraph after cross-examination makes this kind of unclear when it says "Cunning enemies may pretend to be still under control when they aren’t" so I get the impression you don't actually know... like maybe you actually need "Detect" for your own abilities to see if your abilities' effects are still in place?

Seems like that could be true of Afflictions too, P155 under Involuntary Deactivation:
has “residual effects” that persist for a fixed duration unless shut down separately from the advantage
(Affliction works like this – as does Mind Control, if the user stops concentrating).
The "fixed" duration of Affliction is variable (MoS) just like Mind Control, so it seems like you couldn't possibly know what the MoS was (either when it begins or even when it ends!) if it's actually possible for people to bluff like MC is in effect when it's not.

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mind control

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