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Old 04-22-2021, 08:25 PM   #1
Hrothgar Rannúlfr
Join Date: Feb 2018
Default Witch-King of Angmar

Does anyone have a build for the Witch-King of Angmar from the LotRs?
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Old 04-23-2021, 06:39 AM   #2
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Default Re: Witch-King of Angmar

Wight with a flaming sword, possibly with word of command flee written on it by a powerful wizard.
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Default Re: Witch-King of Angmar

Here's a writeup of the nazgul, including one illustrative example, for a heavily house ruled version of classic edition. Some of the talents and spells so forth don't translate to Legacy or official classic edition, but I don't have time to revise so I'll trust you can sort of guess what it all means!


NAZGUL (Greater Undead)
The Nazgul are powerful undead beings that are created by a powerful sorcerer when he cast a variant of the Become Undead spell on a willing subject. The subject must mentally submit to the spell casting (though he might do so through some sorcerous charm or trickery), and the sorcerer cannot cast the spell on himself. The nazgul becomes an undead being whose fate and will are intimately tied to his creator.
When a Nazgul is created, it retains all of the attributes, talents and spells it had in life, although it gains many new abilities and weaknesses.
The Nazgul are beings of both spirit and corporeal manifestation. Their normal state is corporeal, but if their bodies are slain or destroyed, their spirit will persist until it can return to their master, who can cast a Manifest Spirit spell on them to make them physically manifest again. A Nazgul cannot manifest himself unaided, even if he knows the Manifest Self spell – only his master can do this for him.
A corporeal, manifested Nazgul can be harmed by all forms of physical attacks, but benefits from the physical heartiness of all undead [HOUSE RULES DETAIL THIS ELSEWHERE!]. However, they have a particular vulnerability to water and fire — any damage from these sources effects them as it would a living being (i.e., cumulative damage of this type can kill them). Moreover, any non-magical weapon that strikes a Nazgul automatically breaks, and its wielder is affected as if subjected to the touch attack of a Nazgul (see below). Similarly, any being that strikes a Nazgul with his fist, claw, bite, etc. suffers as if successfully touched by the Nazgul.
The Nazgul naturally have the spells Mage Sight and Blur functioning on them at all times, gain the talent ACUTE HEARING, and their other non-visual senses are so heightened that they gain the TRACKING talent as well (representing their ability to smell and feel the presence or passage of living things). Any mortal who sees them must save on 4d vs. IQ or suffer the effects of a Fear spell. The touch or breath of a Nazgul does 2d damage and forces the target to save vs. ST on 4d or fall into a persistent swoon. Anyone who succumbs to this effect must save on 3d vs. ST every day or die; only magical or miraculous healing or a Remove Thrown Spell can revive the victim.
The Nazgul also have many weaknesses: They cannot enter or cross open natural water (except on a bridge) unless they succeed at a 5d saving roll vs. IQ. They cannot see things in the physical world illuminated by natural or bright artificial light as mortals do. Their heightened senses allow them to perceive the general proximity of living things with great acuity, but they are still blind. Therefore, they suffer a 1-die penalty to any DX roll made to aim an attack at normal, mundane creature or thing during daylight or in a brightly lit space. This penalty does not apply to spirits, invisible beings, or in the dark — their mage sight allows them to see all such things.
Finally, most Nazgul also bear vile enchanted weapons and armor granted them by their master. They commonly ride living, sighted steeds that also act as their eyes in daylight. Fell Beasts and evil, tormented war horses are favored mounts.

Khamul the Easterling (formerly a king of far Harad)
ST 14 DX 16 (13) (16 w/sword) IQ 12 MA 10 Size: 1 Hex
Attacks: Fine, enchanted scimitar (2d+3); touch; breath Armor: Fine mail hauberk (6); various defenses
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Default Re: Witch-King of Angmar

His attributes would be impressive, but not outlandish. Maybe something like ST 14-16 DX 13-14 IQ 16-18

Talents would almost certainly include Charisma, Expert Horsemanship, Axe/Mace, Alchemist, Tactics, Strategist, and possibly Scholar, Mathematician, and Expert Mechanician. He should probably have some bespoke spells like Mass Terror in addition to standards ones like Break Weapon.

His Ring of Power would probably store mana in addition to giving invisibility and some serious ST & IQ boost.
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Default Re: Witch-King of Angmar

As an ex-king Courtly Graces is a must. He may have used this in his battlefield strategies to track which targets were the most important.
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Default Re: Witch-King of Angmar

Never struck me that Courtly Graces would be necessary to identify the important foes on a battlefield.

Probably Tactics would give some indication of who is leading the troops. I suppose that if the political or feudal leader isn't also in charge of the fight, Courtly Graces would help one identify who he is by how he carries himself and how others defer to him.

I'd just shoot at the one with the crown, but I'm simple that way.
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Old 04-23-2021, 10:50 AM   #7
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Default Re: Witch-King of Angmar

One of those little details that would improve TFT's profile of talents is a more nuanced way of 'signaling' someone is socially influential. There are a couple of talents that can be used that way, but just a couple more thoughtfully written ones could have gone a long way.
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Old 04-27-2021, 03:28 PM   #8
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Default Re: Witch-King of Angmar

Identifying important figures on a battlefield is easy.
"Who's that then?"

"I dunno, must be a king."


"He hasn't got [stuff] all over him."
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