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Default Affliction - debuffing attributes total cost?

I always found Affliction a weird ability, or rather the way Modifiers are calculated often doesn't match what I feel makes sense due to the base ability only costing 10 pts.

I might have misunderstood something, so help me out here.

So this might sound munckiny but it's for an NPC and I know I'm usually the one to always say "don't stats out powers for NPCs exactly", but in this case the PC's might be able to learn the same ability so I want to make it consistent (and balanced).

It's an affliction to debuff Will so further will-targeting attacks becomes easier.

Affliction - 10 pts (total cost after modifiers = 21,5 pts)
Attribute penalty (Will): +5% (this isn't in the book, but since IQ would reduce both IQ, Will and Per at 10% I put will only at 5%)
Malediction: +100%
Resist based on Will instead of HT: +20%.
Cost FP - 2 FP: -10%
Total modifiers = 115%

So I assume the above is correct. My problem is I initially wanted it to be an attack that you could use multiple times on a target. That's the Cumulative modifier at +400%.
However it is MUCH cheaper to simply say that the attack reduce Will by -20 for (+5%*20 = +100%)

Is this really true?

How would you change it up so it would be cheaper to make an attack where you had to use it multiple time to reduce the Will o the target, instead of simply buying a "one-big-penalty" attack from the start?
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