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Default Re: Weather - done better ?

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
Weather where? There is no way that a random table that even approximates reasonable weather for Maine would work for Arizona. You’d need a different hex flower for different climate zones.
The Venarive (the subcontinent Harn is part of) has weather charts for different climatic regions including how to generate new ones for specific regions. They cover sub-polar, cool temperate, warm temperate, subtropical, tropical dry, and tropical wet climates.

As well as examples of location specific charts for a cool temperate region in the high mountains, a river valley in a cool temperate climate but with significant rain shadows from several directions. A subtropical coastal region also with significant rainshadow, finally a warm temperate region with rainshadow in all directions except one.

The Harn weather table I found produces reasonable weather patterns. The trick is how the entries are ordered. Along with a die roll that can result in no change, moving up 1, moving down 1, moving down 2.

I find the setup more informative this the hex flower arrangements. And far easier to work to generate new charts for specific climates. As seasonal weather patterns are often cyclical rather than veering this way and that in a zig zag pattern.
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