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Old 05-18-2016, 01:30 PM   #11
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Default Re: Car Wars scenarios

Midville, from the hit TV show Crash City? Heh, that was a great map. How unbelievably annoying were wheel v. walker scenarios with those damn MONDOs on rooftops. A ped that can hit your roof is suddenly scary.

Convoy was amazing, I always wondered why they never did anything like that again. And yeah, it's LOW pre-Classic tech. I love how you're supposed to deliver life saving algae and cash-crazed cops cite you for speeding. It really brought home the ethos of CW.

Truck Stop's map was not so great. We never used it because it wasn't really suitable for fighting.
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Default Re: Car Wars scenarios

A few years ago, I played a mini-scenario in the South Road Atlas that uses the Truck Stop as a base for a bike gang. It was the first time I've ever really used the map and it really worked out well for that scenario. The PCs used burst effect very well, and the steamroller rules came in handy. The bad guys got in some good hits though and it wasn't a cake walk. This is an example of a fun pedestrian scenario, too. There were guys on the roof in good concealment, there were a handful of assault troops going for the prize, and just the action of guys running to bikes while dodging fire made for a lot of fun.
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