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Default Binding (Martial Arts), how does it work?

Here's the text on the BINDING technique from GURPS Martial Arts if you aren't familiar with it:


So if you succeed on a Parry, then win the QC to bind your foe's Arm, what are the mechanical ramifications of that? The text makes it clear that you can "Bind" multiple limbs with successive grapples and/or parries, and what happens if you "Bind" both legs, or all 4 limbs.

But it never makes it clear what happens if you bind a single limb, or two for that matter?

Does it function like a Grapple, where the foe is at -4 DX?
Does it function like an Arm Lock, where the limb that is bound is unusable, except in attempts to break free?
Is there no mechanical effect unless you bind all limbs?
What if you bind both arms?

In Technical Grappling, Binding imparts CP to the limb you have bound, which makes sense. But if you aren't using TG, how does it work in the core rules?

IRL, I've done Indonesian/Filipino Sarong training, so I have an idea of how that works when it comes to tying up people's arms. But I'm not sure if this technique is trying to emulate that, or something different.

Am I missing something or are the rules missing text?
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Captain Joy
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Default Re: Binding (Martial Arts), how does it work?

Great and nicely presented question. It makes me want to answer it.

Since the default is the base skill, as opposed to being at some penalty, my inclination is that it uses the usual rules for grappled limbs, so -4 to DX when using that limb (B370).

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