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Old 08-22-2020, 07:13 AM   #11
Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Happy Birthday, GURPS 4e!

Originally Posted by Proteus View Post
Happy "sweet sixteen" to GURPS, 4th edition, released on this date in 2004!
That was a fun Gen Con. A very busy Gen Con, too -- we sold almost 1,000 of the Deluxe Basic Set in the slip case (that's still on my game shelf of honor) plus I have no idea HOW many of the regular Basic Set books.

Still proud of those books, all these years later, and of the hard work the entire team put into making them happen.
Andrew Hackard, Munchkin Line Editor
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Blind Mapmaker
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Default Re: Happy Birthday, GURPS 4e!

Happy Birthday, 4th Edition!

I remember getting the Basic Set books singly - both because they were kind of expensive when I was a student and because they were still hard to get in Germany. Unfortunately, my go-to RPG store for GURPS products closed down soon after. I missed out on a lot of 1st printings for that reason alone.

But the books were really a revelation. The organisation and the colour-coding was so much better than the old Basic Set.
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Default Re: Happy Birthday, GURPS 4e!

Happy birthday! I'm very pleased that GURPS is still going strong. My signed/limited edition 4e slipcase is all nice and cozy on my shelves, but my normal Basic Set books are all worn out. I also have a whole bunch of 3e books I still enjoy cracking open every now and then.
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