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Default Pricing - Boots of Elvenkind (Always-On)

How would one go about pricing the traditional Boots of Elvenkind, which in DFRPG, I assume would be an always-on set of boots that granted the benefits of the Mage Stealth spell?
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Default Re: Pricing - Boots of Elvenkind (Always-On)

First I'd pick up Dungeon Fantasy 8 Treasure Tables, then I'd look up Mage Stealth (10K$) and self Power 3 (40K$) and then I would decide if 50K$ was a high enough price for constant +3 to stealth and -5 to enemies hearing rolls...

Note as a 50K$ item, this rates in the 'artifact' levels of power and has no value as a Power Item.

For a slightly lower 'value' item, you could go with self Power 2, which means to activate the boots takes 1 FP, but the boots self power enough to stay active until either turned off (for whatever reason) or some time limit you set as a GM, and only costs 30K$.

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Default Re: Pricing - Boots of Elvenkind (Always-On)

As an alternative, you could determine the cp value of the abilities granted (as racial skill bonuses, for example) and look at the Advantage-granting items from the DFRPG Magic Items book for a price per cp.
Per-based Stealth isn’t remotely as awkward as DX-based Observation.
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boots of elvenkind, dfrpg, magic items

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