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Old 01-03-2017, 12:35 PM   #11
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Default Re: What the smeg is Red Dwarf's TL?

Technically Red Dwarf is an AtE setting. The maximum tech level reached was very high. Red Dwarf is a huge slower than light* ship that could have been made in very late TL 8 given a couple of handy ^ advances.

*reactionless thrusters that take 3 million years to reach light speed don't count.
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Default Re: What the smeg is Red Dwarf's TL?

It was supposedly a mining ship, not a life sentence colony ship. That's what all interstellar STL ships would be.
It's not like any other science fiction program comes close to understanding the true scale of space and how slow the speed of light really is compared to that. So I don't begrudge a comedy show that retro-conceit.
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Default Re: What the smeg is Red Dwarf's TL?

Just remember: They both got it wrong. It was supposed to be green. ;)

Just using an in-universe comment to show that no matter what any two people fight over when it comes to this show, chances are the truth is different than what both say.

My personal take is to pick and choose from High-Tech, Ultra-Tech, Spaceships, and related Pyramid articles for equipment and the stats of the Red Dwarf itself, and not worry about the overall TL. The only thing that would matter when it comes to TL is starting cash; you could go with TL7 through TL12 to match the feel in your game and any of them could be "right".
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Default Re: What the smeg is Red Dwarf's TL?

It seems like it was a TL 8 setting before Lister went into stasis. Everything since then has been higher TL from various parts of the last three million years.

One could even think of the portable AIs as being a result of those three million years. Give an android three million years, and maybe it'll develop some kind of sentience, though still stuck in some programming - like Kryten being a very intelligent janitor.

That's what they said happened with the AI wax dummies on Waxworld (before Rimmer killed them all).

But the real question is: what would the racial stats be for Cats? "Color-coordinated internal organs" sounds like a perk...
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simply Nathan
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Default Re: What the smeg is Red Dwarf's TL?

Originally Posted by fchase8 View Post
But the real question is: what would the racial stats be for Cats?
8 or 9, I think, not quite 10
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red dwarf, tech level

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