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Default Re: Miraculous Toolbelt Uses?

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
Good weapons are "basic" no bonuses/penalties items. That's probably the source for confusion.
Yeah. They [should] have stuck to a consistent quality scheme.

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Default Hmmm . . .

What do I think of this as appropriate to a Caped Crusader?

Also an option -- if the user breaks a tool the Belt is annoyed and teleports itself somewhere else. Carelessness has consequences.
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Default Re: Miraculous Toolbelt Uses?

Just an update to guide all potential cool ideas!

Rules I've set for this item:
  • The belt's pouches can hold things larger than the actual pouches, and some of them unfold to over four inches wide. Pretty much anything arm-sized can come out -- giant wrenches or
  • The belt is not intelligent per se--more like a Dedicated AI. It does its best.
  • The belt "just can't do alchemy" as stated by the belt's previous owner. I added that since it's the most obvious esoteric use for a toolbelt!
  • Items from the belt fall apart when abandoned for too long. They're produced and sustained by the belt.

That's what I got so far. I'm thinking one good use could be a good-quality surgical kit. Not the best, but certainly the best on hand for an adventuring team!

On another note, Brewer is a non-esoteric skill. Maybe they could pull a series of interlocking planks out and become brewers. XD
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dungen fantasy, magic items, miraculous toolbelt

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